Pray for family in crises

Pastor Tony Raker, please pray for our family. We have watched some of your sermons here in Texas. My husband and I are in our 70s and supporters of Mr. Trump shrinking government and taking care of America instead of the rest of the world. Our children and grandchildren all support Bernie Sanders or the gay man, Buttigeig, as they want to tear down America and remake it as a socialist country. I know our children will soon replace our generation and vote for socialism. As they do, I fear this is the end of America. The increasing conflict in our nation shows how strongly divided we are. I fear our united states will not be united much longer.

We had a terrible argument about politics and the Bible over the holidays and our children left in a huff on Christmas day. They are barely speaking to us now except to say our time is almost over and they will take over to replace our mismanagement, especially backing Trump whom they have great hate for. They loved Obama whom we did not like. They refuse to attend church with us as they have doubts that God even exists because “a real God would be active in the world he created”. They keep saying God is dead or never was, which is proven by his silence, that Jesus’ words of coming soon have been proven wrong by 2000 years of time passed. We try to share the Bible with them, they were raised in the church (we are Baptists), but they now reject or question everything about God. It is what they learned in school and college where teachers dismissed God as a child’s fantasy, like Santa Claus.

Please pray for our son, his wife, our daughters & son-in laws and our 5 grand children (the oldest is 16). The argument has strained our relationship just as the Bible warned would happen in the end times. We love our children and grand children very much but are very afraid they are being led by the growing anti christian movement. They are right about Mr. Trump having much evil about him and his ways, but God uses even flawed people to do His will, right? I fear for our country and our children as I think our nation is going to break apart like a house divided.

Please pray for us! and our country. Thank you Pastor.