Pray for family

Pastor and church, please pray for my family as we face prejudice here in London and struggle to stay financially able to live. We read the children’s bible to children every night and they enjoy it very much. I enjoy doing work for church with Rob Moses. He is very encouraging and knowledgeable. We like English schools and wife likes her job at hospital. She works with COVID patients and has seen many otherwise healthy people die from COVID. It is amazing so many are ignorant and do not understand how dangerous COVID is. They think only preexisting conditions sicken and die. I can tell you it is absolutely not true. I pray God does not strike them or a loved one down to teach them how wrong they are. Pray for our family health and finances as we seek to do God’s will every day. Pray the prejudiced are forgiven and God gives them wisdom to be accepting of those different skin color from them, for we are all made in God’s image.