Well done

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your work. Especially how you have not resorted to music for entertainment but enhanced your message with inspiring, colorful bulletins and Powerpoint slideshows. I have viewed 6 of your recorded sermons and one live after being referred to you by a friend in Ohio. I must say that I am indeed impressed. Your messages are based in concrete biblical teachings and well delivered without fluff, showmanship, or fear of toes being stepped on. That is truly following God and not mankind as many churches today are doing. Your well-designed bulletins are not just informative, but nice to look at with well-balanced colorful graphics and inspiring messages. Your slideshows enhance your sermons with minimal yet interesting transitions of graphics and effects. But most importantly, your messages are spot on, solidly bible based and delivered in a hard hitting style. While you as Pastor, may not ever be a Jerry Falwell or other showman, your delivery of the message seems to me to be just what God wanted – spread His message! The way you go back tot he Greek is refreshing as so many messages get lost in the English translations which water down or muddy the message. I am getting carried away, but that is because I am a professional reviewer of stage productions in New York. But this is not about me, it is about the job you, Pastor Raker, are doing in delivering God’s word. Thank you for your dedication and wonderful delivery of God’s word. This decaying world needs to ehar it for soon we will all be answering the question “What did you do for me?” as we are judged. I suspect that you will be in good shape. God bless you.