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Revelation 14 vv 17 to 20

Posted on Mar 22 2017
Following the glorious harvest of vv. 17-20, this week our focus is laser sharp upon the terrible harvest: the judgement of the ungodly and the introduction of Armageddon. What may the unsaved anticipate?
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Supplement – Is God Fair

Posted on Mar 19 2017
A synonym for fair is just, and the Bible is unequivocal that God is just. Read more in this supplement to today’s sermon.
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Supplement – Hell (Mt 25 41)

Posted on Feb 26 2017, Pastor: Tony Raker
It is interesting that a much higher percentage of people believe in the existence of heaven than hell yet Jesus Himself spoke twice as much about hell than heaven.  Read more in this supplement to today’s message.
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Revelation 14 vv 9 to 12 (Part 2)

Posted on Feb 26 2017
As previously discussed in part 1, John pens what many consider to be the most horrible passage in the Word of God: the wrath of God upon an unrepentant sinner.  In this second part, hell itself is first and foremost.  Why and what is it?  Join us to determine the Biblical answer.
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Posted on Jan 15 2017
Previously regarding vv. 11 & 12, we established a profile of the ‘second beast’ otherwise known as the false prophet. Referenced in terms of a religious leader (Rev. 16:13; 19:20 and 20:10), this individual becomes the antichrist’s international spokesman and propaganda chief. He will prove charismatic, initially mild, meek and attractive as he pushes the agenda of the one world government while opposing all other allegiances, especially to Christ. How? Join us to determine the Biblical
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