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Genesis 6 mentions the \"sons of God\". Are they not decedents of Adam as alluded to in Genesis 5? or are they angels? We find the term has different meanings in Scripture. Join us in this study to understand this phrase. 96 downloads Download 05-04-2017 13:07
One of the most difficult parts of the Christian life is the fact that becoming a disciple of Christ does not make us immune to life’s trials and tribulations. All trials and tribulations must have a divine purpose. What could that be? What is God trying to do in the life of His church? Join us to study the biblical answer. 82 downloads Download 05-04-2017 12:51
What is the “church” and who qualifies to participate…why and how? 100 downloads Download 05-04-2017 12:50
How did we get the word of God? Who decided what we consider the Canon of Scripture to be? How reliable is it? Read this for the biblical answer! 53 downloads Download 05-04-2017 12:43
The word Hermeneutics means \"the art or science of the interpretation of literature.\" If the word hermeneutics bothers you, just substitute the phrase interpretive rules for Bible study.
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During the lifetime time of Jesus, the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was the center of Jewish religious life. . Yet, at the very moment of the death of Christ, the temple became obsolete as the ultimate sacrifice had eternal consequences.  Matthew is very clear about the temple veil being torn…what did this mean? 127 downloads Download 31-03-2017 3:13
We tend to focus upon the challenges facing our local church.  Often, they seem to consume us to the point of great distraction.  Yet the Apostle Paul very matter of factly counsels Timothy that challenges are part of any congregation’s growth, turning what would normally be viewed as a negative into an affirming part of maturity.  In fact, Scripture identifies ten things healthy churches do well.  Can problems or criticism actually be used of God to transform a fellowship?  Join us for the Scriptural answer 124 downloads Download 31-03-2017 3:09
1 Cor 11:24-26 The Lord’s Supper is a soul-stirring experience with a deep meaning that portrays a vital spiritual significance of participation. Learn its meaning, how to participate & why this act is so special in your relationship with God. 134 downloads Download 31-03-2017 2:54
A study of the Lord’s Supper is a soul-stirring experience because of the depth of meaning that it portrays as well as the vital spiritual significance of participation.  It is the highest expression of Christian worship.   What is its meaning?  How do we participate?  Why is this act different from any other act of service or witness?  To discover the Biblical answer, read this study. 176 downloads Download 31-03-2017 2:20
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