Hello Pastor Rakker,

I just wanted to add my own prayers to yours in these times of tribulation. The world is changing drastically once again after 100 years of steady growth and industrialization. I believe the world has moved away from God and is now paying the price. Don’t you agree? I expect it will get worse as we approach the End Times. God must be tired of seeing people greedily seeking wealth and taking advantage of the poor, denying migrants the chance to know safety and add to a nation’s character (forgetting that America was built by and is great because of immigrants), legalizing abominations like gay marriage and abortions, encouraging sex before marriage, encouraging divorce, and more than can e said here.

Please join me in praying for our rapidly deteriorating world and that we who follow Christ will be kept safe. I enjoy your sermons and agree with you in all but some piddly details. Indeed, your delving into the original Greek words has been enlightening and a lot more people need to hear it as they are locked in their shallow myths and mistaken perceptions about what God said and is saying to us today.

God Bless you and your broadcast team of “Tech guys”. For a small church you shine brightly in this dark world!

Marsha Adams, Nebraska