Good lessons

Pastor Raker,

Thank you for your enlightening lessons in the bible. It is very interesting. I have watched 23 lessons to now. I agree with you! This pandemic is God’s anger lift His hand to allow punishment. I see it much. Greek is very descriptive enlightenment saying God’s meaning in closer relationship to actual words. Here in Korea, it was bad but most everyone abides the rules and the disease is suppressed. Still some selfish fools jeopardize us all with their shallow independence.

Habakkuk is very interesting book! I not read it before and enjoy your lessons on it’s meaning from Hebrew writer. It is interesting that God answered Habakkuk! He should answer us all and many problems be avoided! But it is His will and His plan. So we wait, yes?

I have my cousins watching you too. We watch in evening time Monday or Tuesday from our computers and discuss your lesson afterward. We cannot go visit to watch together, but we like to discuss your enlightening lessons.

Thank you for your work bringing light to small, obscure writer with important message as we all wonder why God ignores us. You remind us that Habakkuk shows God does not indeed ignore us, He hears, watches and is working his grand plan. Thank you for this reminder.

I pray you stay safe and continue your work, for God is surely benefiting from your lessons.
God bless you and your family and your church.
Jiwon Kim