Pray for my brother

Pastor, please pray our family can accept my brother back with forgiveness. He is being released from prison in California for child molest in June after serving 9 years of a 10 year sentence. He accepted the Lord 7 years ago and has diligently studied the bible and attended church and Sunday school at the church since then. Some of my family say they will never forgive him even though they say they are Christians. They say God will understand in the face of such a heineous crime. I pointed out that sexual sin is not as bad as pride though all sin is sin. I strongly believe they are like many shallow Christians who are judgemental and ignore the command to accept a repentant sinner with open arms. We are to help them stay strong against future temptation. My brother deeply repents and regrets his sin with his daughter.

Thank you Pastor. May God bless you in the battle against mankind’s misguided and sinful nature. It might appear to be a losing battle, but God wants us to stand up anyway, no matter the consequences.

I wish to remain anonymous as my family can be viciously vindictive. I will watch this page for a response.
Thank you & God Bless.
Carol T.