Pray for the people of Hong Kong

I am a student and my father works for the newspaper. We are Christians who are being persecuted by the Chinese overlords of Hong Kong. They seek to force us to bow, to worship their communist party over Christ. They have raided or homes and threaten our jobs. Over 68 students and university teachers have been arrested for publishing truths and facts about their takeover. Our churches have been visited by the overlords and ordered to stop criticizing the lackeys put in place by the overlords in Beijing and to begin using the “approved” version of the bible they have developed replacing God’s word with theirs. While most media in other par s of the world question and deny God, we are believers! We face the wicked persecutors who are determined to overrule God every day. Perhaps those liberal reporters need to lose their freedom before they will believe in God. On the other end, the fascist authoritarians of America’s Republican party are just as bad. Satan is attacking from both ends of the political spectrum to defeat God’s word. Stand firm! Pray without ceasing! God is in control! Never bow to the authoritarians who want to silence the words of Jesus! I know you stand united wit us through your broadcasts with your encouraging words and prayers on our behalf. God bless you! Stay in the fight! To die for Jesus assures your place in Heaven.